EG Tax "Easy Advance" - NO FEES/0% APR


Are you counting down the days until your tax return refund comes in?  Are you looking for an option to receive an advance on your refund?  Let EG Tax assist you in getting a "yes" to both of these questions.

For qualified applicants, a taxpayer can typically get an "Easy Advance" within 24 hours of the tax refund.  The "Easy Advance" may take additional time if direct deposit is selected based on the applicants financial institution.

A qualified "Easy Advance" applicant may qualify for a refund advance of up to $2500 based on the taxpayer's expected net refund after deduction of all fees.

  • Net Refund of $1,000 - $2,999 for a $1,000 Easy Advance amount.
  • Net Refund of $3,000 - $6,999 for a $1,500 Easy Advance amount.
  • Net Refund of $7,000 and up for a $2,500 Easy Advnace amount

If you choose An "Easy Advance" and have your tax preparation fees taken out of your refund, you may have your "Easy Advance" disbursed to a bank check printed in our office, direct deposit to your personal bank account, loaded to a NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card or Walmart Direct2Cash.

If you apply for an "Easy Advance" without your fees being deducted from you refund, your "Easy Advance" can be disbursed only by direct deposit or prepaid card.

"Easy Advance" will only be available from the start of the IRS filing season until the end of February.  Make you appointment today at one of our locations to file your tax return and apply for an "Easy Advance"


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