By partnering with EG Tax you will join an industry leader with over 25 years of experience, and have the opportunity to become your own boss!

We currently have the following franchising options available:

  • Opening a New Franchise Territory
  • Purchase an existing Territory
  • Convert your current tax practice
  • Sell your current tax practice

At EG Tax, we know that one of these packages will build your success. EG TAX is proud of our dedicated franchise owners. These are owners who exemplify and execute the EG TAX principles and standards of operations on a daily basis. It is through the dedication and commitment of our franchisees, combined with the integrity, innovation, determination, and expertise from our corporate personnel, that EG TAX service has become a tax industry leader.

If you are interested in a franchising opportunity with EG Tax, CLICK HERE.

Opening a New Franchise?
This would be a perfect fit for an individual who is searching for an attractive franchise opportunity in a stable industry. The cost of setting up and running a tax practice is minimal in comparison to other franchising opportunities; while the revenue generating aspects are exceptional. Therefore, I would invite you to contact us if you have any further questions or if you are in need of further information about franchising opportunities here at “EG Tax Service”.

Purchasing an Existing Territory?
Again this might be a good “fit” for someone who is new to the industry. It is a “good” way to jump into a new business, because someone has already established the foundation of the business. There may be many reasons that these franchises are available for sale: many times people are retiring, moving to a different territory, or turning their attention to other matters. Therefore, this might be the perfect “fit” for your new franchising opportunity, so if you are interested please contact EG Tax Service for further information.

Convert your Existing Tax Operation to an EG Tax Franchise?
This might fit your needs if you currently own your tax preparation operation, and you are looking to expand your services and your breadth of product coverage. This would be a superb opportunity to grow your business by attracting new customers and encouraging your existing customers to return each year. This would allow you to combine your current business model with our proven cutting-edge industry tools. So if you have questions about the opportunities that exist with partnering with EG Tax please contact us for further information.

Looking to sell Your Current Tax Business?
Here at EG Tax we know that you have worked hard to grow your tax business; therefore, we know that the decision to relinquish your operations doesn’t come easily. However, we want you to know that selling your existing tax practice to EG Tax, might be the perfect “fit” to suit your companies needs and to ease your transition out of the industry. We will help you with an exit strategy that will ensure a continuity of service to your clients while realizing value for your business. Therefore, if you believe that this might be a plausible solution for your needs please contact us for further information.


Legal Notice:
The information contained in this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for general information purposes only. Franchises may not be offered in all states. Our Franchise Disclosure Document has complete information about initial cost and other important information.